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COS - In-store projection

Custom software for fashion label COS. The projection revolves around light and trails of light and is designed to create an ambient glowing presence in the store environment. The projection is running in the COS stores in London, Berlin, Stuttgart and Copenhagen during Novemeber and December 2007.

The projection is a series of light trails which, when combined, creates dense bursts of light on the wall, they have a suttle texture which is visible at lesser bright areas. Over the course of the animation, the quality of the light-trails change from larger soft curves to smaller more 'jittery' curves. The width of the trails are also changing to help create change in the visuals. Short sentences are introduced, all revolving around the christmas theme. The text is shown on circular moving banners - similar in visual presence to the light trails.


(please be aware, this is an 9 mb. video, it may take a while to load)

The animation can be quite suttle in that only one light-trail is visible and softly moves across the wall, then, this trail can burst into multiple others and create a more busy and 'alive' projection, this burst of activity happens multiple times and each time is different in intensity, movement of trails and appearance (thickness, length etc.) of the trails.

The video also show how the xmas senteces appear on the wall - everytime the text-ribbon is shown it has a new sentence and everytime it takes a different route around the spherical space where the light trails move. Towards the end of the video a very simple composition is shown, in that only one light trail and some text are visible.
The motion of the light trail can be very suttle and circular.

The movement can also break the circular motion and create more of a 'tangle' of light.
The light trail can burst into multiple smaller trails, thus creating an intense glow. Note, on this screenshot that the trails are thinner than on others.

From time to time, xmas-themed sentences will appear. They start from the back and follow a circular path around the front, to then finish at the back again. Each time will be a new sentence and a different version of the back-front-back circular path.

As the text moves to the front it becomes legible. Not also on this screenshot that one of the ribbons are at maximum width thereby creating an intense light trail.

The bundle of light trails will over time softly rotate and move towards the back, this can allow for clear space for the text to be rendered on.
At times, the wall will be very busy (as a contrast to the very suttle screenshots - see above).



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