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DOOR - Product Concept

Peek-a-boo is a door where - when in a dark room with light on the other side of the door - a hidden pattern is revealed. In the manufactoring process, the inner insulation of the door is cut with a pattern, the outer layers (thin layers of wood) will then be completely opaque in daylight only to reveal the pattern when the light is switched off.

This concept originated as an internal IDEO brief to design products for all six senses and is published in the IDEO book 'I Miss My Pencil' by Martin Bone and Kara Johnson.

Design and development in collaboration with Graeme Findlay.

The software used to generate the pattern could easily be automated to produce a unique product each time. Alternatively this could be featured on a manufactorers website where the customer can tweak paramters and generate the pattern he or she wishes.

The pattern inside the door could take a whole range of design directions, from abstract patterns to child-friendly drawings or explicit signage.



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