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(RED)Wire - Music Service

(RED)WIRE is a music service that delivers unique singles from well-known artist every week paired with an upcoming artist' single and rich information graphics around the social impact the users of the service has. The aim of the service is to fight AIDS in Africa. I worked with (RED) and IDEO to develop the concept and build software experience prototyps of this unique music service. The service was a finalist in the prestigious INDEX awards 2009 in the Peoples Choice category and a finalist in the IDEA awards 2009.

At the heart of the service is an Adobe Air Application, each issue is visuallay represented with video clips, informations graphics and bonus content like interviews and more. The service is delivered with a magazine-like feel to it where each new release is an "issue" with it's own front page and set of content. Over time subscribers will build a library of issues.

For more information, please visit IDEO's website.


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